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Shopping & Services in Koh Lanta
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For a town as culturally diverse as Old Town it's hardly surprising that you can find a wide range of products on
offer in the town's shops. From fishing gear to Ice creams, or fresh fruit, to souvenirs, Old Town has something
for everyone, whether you are staying here, or just visiting for the day.
There are many services for the towns-folk and visiting tourists too, 2 gas stations, 2 motorbike repair shops,
sewing service, laundry and internet shops. Lanta Hospital is just on the outskirts of the village and there is a
clinic which is open every evening in the town itself. All of the shopkeepers are very helpful and friendly and
some speak a bit of English.

The main shopping area near Saladan pier is the obvious spot for buying needed goods, local goods or
souvenirs. But take time out to go a little further south of Saladan to visit the weekend markets in the early
morning hours before the sun gains intensity. Better yet, check out the local products Koh Lanta makes.
Usually villages in Lanta Noi have homes and cooperatives that make products belonging to the OTOP ( One
Tambol, One Product) concept. Initiated by the Thai government, this opportunity provides villages with income
by having each district specialize in a product. Ask your resort or hotel for information to see the villagers at
work at Koh Lanta Noi, in a village called Lang Sod, which is just a ferry stop away. Once at the villages, you'll
see a gathering of people making batik textiles, wooden furniture, local coffee ( which is a Koh Lanta specialty,
a robusta blend perfect for ice coffee drinks,) herbs, crab cakes, shrimp crackers and handicrafts that are
woven from toey panan (pandanus tectorium soland), a local plant. Such colourfully woven items in the form of
pillows, bags and smaller souvenir items are easily purchased at the

A traditional Thai martial art fascinated by not only Thais but also non-Thais, Muay Thai or Thai boxing has a
long history in the kingdom. The fighting style involves an extensive movement of the hands, elbows, knees
and shins, consequently referred to as the "Art of Eight Limbs."
Lanta Muay Thai Boxing Gym, located on Phra Ae/Long Beach, is the only one of its kind on Koh Lanta which
provides professional trainers who have mostly fought in elite Muay Thai leagues. They are experienced in
passing on the art of brutal, versatile and straightforward combat.

Renowned as one of the best Muay Thai training centers, Lanta Muay Thai Boxing Gym has English-speaking
trainers who give private lessons to meet each boxer's ability and needs. Whether you are a beginner or a
trained boxer who wants to enhance your skill, the gym can provide its trainers to serve your need.

Thai Boxing Classes
Your classes can be combined with a pleasant stay at a comfortable bungalow and delicious meals at the
restaurant, all of which are in the compound of the gym. Some of the bungalows are right next to the beach.