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Activities in Koh Lanta
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The primary attraction on Koh Lanta is the beachlife, and you needn't feel guilty here if all you do all week is
relax on the lovely white sand. It's a holiday island, but unlike Phuket it has no traffic congestion, excessive
noise, raunchy bars, tuk-tuks or crowds. Apart from basking and lolling in the midst of serene beaches, there
are other activities that will work your energy out and give you the dynamic feeling.
Snorkeling is one of the most popular activities in Koh Lanta. Since the
island possesses many islands, each of which offers the magnificent
underwater paradise, there is a day or a few-day-trip for snorkeling on the
scattering islands. The most popular destination for snorkeling is Koh
Rok, the beautiful island within the Koh Lanta National Marine Park. The
island is famed for its abundant and colorful coral beds and breathtaking
Diving, Koh Lanta is closed to many popular diving sites in Andaman
Sea. There are many diving shops and diving center available on the
island. The Andaman Sea was recently voted the best area for diving in
Southeast Asia. The dive areas of Hin Daeng and Hin Muang, just off Koh
Lanta, featured in the top 10 dive sites in International Dive Magazine. Koh
Lanta is a diver's heaven and basing yourself here opens up unforgettable
dive sites such as Koh Ha, Shark Point, King Cruiser Wreck, Anemone
Reef, Hin Bida and Koh Bida, to mention a few.
Trekking is another good experience in exploring the green land on Koh
Lanta. You can sit on the elephant back to the viewpoint or the waterfall.
Elephants play a sacred and integral part in Thai culture, and by trekking
with these gentle and loving animals you will see why. Morning starts are
strongly advised, by far the best time for a Koh Lanta elephant trek.
Sumate Lanta Yai Safari is Koh Lanta's best established and most
animal-friendly elephant trek on the island. All prices include pick up and
drop off at your resort or guesthouse. Their office can be found close to
the village of Phra Ae.
Sea kayak or canoe, This is also the best way to explore the scenic
beauty of the island. You will closely get in touch with the nature by
paddling through the mangrove forest, the towering cliff and enter the
caves which appear only when the water level is low. You can enjoy
kayaking and canoeing in such wonderful scenery on Koh Talabeng near
Fishing, As one of the traditional activities of the Lanta Islands'
inhabitants, fishing is one of the easiest things to organise yourself. Most
of the longtail boatmen will be able to take you out. This can be fun in
itself, and you will learn a lot about the local culture. Your resort will also
be able to arrange a fishing trip. The best part of fishing is, of course, that
you can eat what you catch: most resorts will be happy to cook, or
barbecue your very own 'catch of the day' in the evening when you get
back - what could be more satisfying?
Boat Tours, Speed Boat Tour Operators can tailor trips to suit your needs,
whether you want to go island-hopping or enjoy a nautical candlelight
dinner. Trips cost around 3,000 baht. A more affordable option is a long tail
boat trip. They can be found at the pier in Ban Koh Lanta's old town.
Prices vary according to what you want to see and do, but bunching
together to hire one of these vessels to take you to Koh Muk, Koh Kradan,
Koh Ngai, Koh Chuek or Koh Phi Phi for a great day of snorkelling should
keep the cost low.
Cave Exploring, There is a network of caves at the centre of the island,
just past Klong Nin village, going inland. Called Mai Kaew, these caverns
are only accessible with a guide from the family who live near the
entrance (signposted). The caves are spectacular, but not for the
claustrophobic. You will also need a healthy sense of adventure - some
of the wooden ladders are fairly precarious and rickety. Situated in the
south of Koh Lanta, these caves are spectacular and consist of
numerous chambers with stalactites, stalagmites and fascinating rock
Boat Tours, Speed Boat Tour Operators can tailor trips to suit your needs,
f you enjoy hiking, there are some good routes in the south of the island,
particularly around Klong Jak village and within the grounds of the National
Park at the southern tip of Lanta. These are essentially jungle paths, so
please choose sensible footwear (no flip flops!) and carry adequate food
and water. Depending on the speed you can manage, these treks will
take an hour to upwards of two hours. Please note that an entrance fee of
200 baht per person applies to the National Park headquarters; this will
allow you access to two private beaches at Tanod Cape, as well as the
forest. Note also that the "waterfall" at Klong Jak becomes more like a
trickle during the dry months of January - April, though the walk itself is
nice and cool during that time.