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Restaurant & Dining in Koh Lanta
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There are hundreds of restaurants on Koh Lanta, catering for every palate with a wide range of dishes. Most
serve a mixture of Thai and western food. Typically, prices range from 30 to 150 baht per dish for Thai food and
a little more for Western fare. Although almost all eateries are confined to resorts, you're quite welcome to
stroll along the beach and pick and choose.


Red Snapper: a locally-renowned 'creative European' kitchen, with a small, frequently changing menu,
according to the seasons and the whims of the chefs, Ed and Joyce. It also does good tapas and wines by the
glass. The restaurant is set in a pretty garden near the beach with plenty of cosy nooks and corners. Entrance
is from Phra Ae beach, or via the main road through Phra Ae village.

Catfish does a great lunch and breakfast, serving the best muesli on the island, as well as yummy falafel and
toasted sandwiches. Best of all is that it is very cheap and on the seafront - a good place to grab a bite to eat
while waiting for the ferry, or on arrival to the island.

Santo's Bakery: On the main road, heading south out of Saladan. his offers the best bread on the island, with
good, filling sandwiches and really tasty burgers in a cool breezy dining room.

Sunset Restaurant: is a very small, quaint restaurant on Klong Dao Beach, close to DR Lanta Resort and
next to Mooks Bar. The Thai food is the best in the area and inexpensive. Offering real Thai cuisine which can
be enjoyed at tables directly on the sand, this no-frills restaurant has spectacular views and cool sea breezes.

Abdul's Pancakes: is a crepe stall run from a motorcycle sidecar. You can most often find the stall in Moo 1,
Saladan, opposite Lanta Diver, when the boats come back at around 15:00. The chocolate and banana crepes
as well as the chicken crepes are out of this world!

Cook Kai: is just across the street from Klong Nin Beach. Entirely built of wood and lovingly decorated, it
offers a spacious, open dining area and bar. Run by the cook and his family, their Thai food, which is unique to
Coo Kai, is some of the best you can get in the area. The daily specials, announced on the board at the
entrance, are worth a try.

River Restaurant: is a friendly family place located on the beach just south of Narima Resort. They have an
extensive and delicious menu with lots of Thai dishes and a few western ones. The pad Thai is excellent and
the restaurant is very popular with families.

Thai Cuisine: is a long-established Koh Lanta favourite. It is located in Phra Ae, just south of the Opium
nightclub. The menu features a wide selection of wonderful Chinese and Thai dishes. The special spring roll is
a must and there is bar service and a small artisan boutique (09 2884492).

Lanta Seafood: is the island's best seafood restaurant and can be found in Ban Saladan on the road that
runs parallel to the sea. The dishes are fantastic and are produced straight from the sea (075 684106);

Watermark Restaurant: is housed in the Rawi Warin Resort and Spa on Kong Nin Beach. This exclusive
restaurant offers the best in Thai and Mediterranean cuisine. Mind you, the prices are also exclusive.

Tides: For expensive (go dressed) French-inspired cuisine in a breathtaking setting in Layana Resort - the
wine list is excellent.

Baan Pimalai, a wonderfully varied international menu, well-executed, in another beautiful setting, the five-star
Pimalai Resort overlooking Ba Kantiang Bay.

Fresh, which is one of the cheapest and best seafood restaurants in Krabi. They also have a large
non-seafood menu that is worth investigating - although the kaeng som (hot and sour fish curry) is too good to
miss out on. It is located directly above the water in an original wooden townhouse, making for a unique,
old-world atmosphere.

Same-Same-But-Different: a lovely driftwood-style restaurant, With the same owner as Ruen Mai in Krabi
Town, the food is highly rated, while the relaxed ambience and tables on the sand make for a pleasant dining
experience. Recommended dishes include pla chu chi (fish fillet in a creamy red curry sauce) and the spicy
wing bean salad (yam tua plu) - although almost everything is tasty